Non-equilibrium classical and quantum statistical mechanics

  • Transport phenomena in low dimensional systems: integrable & non-integrable, classical & quantum
  • Open quantum systems
  • Phase transitions in open systems far from equilibrium
  • Canonical quantization in Fock space of operators (Third quantization)

Quantum information theory

  • Quantum entanglement and critical phenomena
  • Simulability of quantum states and operators
  • Entanglement of random states
  • Quantum algorithms

Classical and quantum chaos

  • Hamiltonian dynamical systems: from integrability to chaos
  • Ergodicity and dynamical mixing
  • Loschmidt echoes and fidelity decay
  • Classical and quantum billiards
  • Semiclassics, Wigner functions

Mathematical methods in quantum and classical statistical physics

  • Operator algebras and functional analysis
  • Algebraic Bethe ansatz
  • Quantum groups and their representations
  • Random matrix theory

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