Former members

  • Dr. Iztok Pižorn, now at ETH, Zurich
  • Dr. Gregor Veble, now at Pipistrel Aircraft Manufacturer and University of Nova Gorica
  • Dr. Bojan Žunkovič, now at SISSA, Trieste
  • Dr. Enej Ilievski, now at University of Amsterdam
  • Dr. Simon Jesenko, now at Groma d.o.o.

  • Dr. Berislav Buča, now at University of Split

About the Group

In our group we pursue investigations of fundamental problems in non-equilibrium statistical and quantum physics, in particular focusing on problems in connection to the theory of dynamical systems, many-body physics and quantum information theory.

Please see our Research page for more specific description of recent research topics and Publications page for some recent papers of the group members

For your amusement, there are a couple of (old) photos in our gallery.